Arthr Bathroom Bundle, 100002

Arthr Bathroom Bundle


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The Arthr Bathroom Bundle consists of ergonomically designed products that assist people with arthritis in the bathroom - while going to the loo, or while getting in or out of the bath. More info


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Product detail

The Arthr Bathroom Bundle consists of the Arthr Toilet Riser, Arthr Toilet Assist and the Arthr Bath Step.

The Arthr Toilet Riser is much higher than the normal toilet seat which gives a mechanical advantage to a person's hips and knees. It makes it easier for someone to get on and off the toilet if they have stiffness or weakness in muscles as a result of arthritis.

Our Toilet Riser is ergonomically designed to help people with arthritis by taking pressure off the knees, hips and lower back when bending down to sit on the toilet. The Toilet Riser installs quickly and simply. It comes with a fixing bar, two screws and a stabilising knob for quick and easy installation and does not require any specialist tools, making it incredibly easy to remove and clean.

The Toilet Riser fits most round-pan or D-shaped toilets. It also fits traditional close-coupled toilets and those with hidden cisterns. The Toilet Riser will not fit square toilets

The Arthr Toilet Assist offers sturdy handles that assist those with arthritis by reducing pressure from the knees, hips and lower back when getting up and down from the toilet. Its discreet and functional design is a welcome addition to any toilet or bathroom where it also doubles up as toilet roll storage

The ergonomic handles are designed to bear your body weight and support you while you sit down and get up from the toilet, taking pressure off the knees, hips and lower back. With an emphasis on sleek design, the Toilet Assist blends into your bathroom whilst also doubling up as a convenient toilet roll holder. The materials we use, such as stainless steel, are strong and designed to last.

A nice hot bath can be tricky to enjoy for people living with Arthritis. The Arthr Bath Step helps by providing a neat and stylish handle with a stable non-slip platform to get people into and out of the bath with confidence.

Its robust stainless steel arm and sturdy metal base have been designed to take a lot of weight and the ergonomic handle spreads pressure across your hand. Using the step will benefit people with arthritis in their lower body by reducing the height necessary to raise their feet to step over the edge of the bath. It gives stability to those who feel unsteady whilst getting into the bath.


Brand Arthr
Dimensions 44cm x 34cm x 53cm
Material Reinforced Plastics, Stainless Steel soft-close hinges
Whats included? x1 Arthr Toilet Riser; x1 Arthr Bath Step; x1 Arthr Toilet Assist
Origin Manufactured in the UK

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