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Arthr Car Door Mate


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The brilliantly ergonomic design of the Car Door Mate helps relieve strain on the lower body and provides the confidence to get in and out of the car with ease. Discreet to store and easily positioned, it converts entry and exit from pain to pleasure. More info

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Product detail

Arthritis in the knees and hips can make getting in and out of the car tricky. Car journeys can become a chore, dramatically reducing independence. The Car Door Mate is a simple device that holds the car door open so that it can be used to hold on to reliably.

The Car Door Mate is very simple and easy to use and makes something that people were going to do anyway - using the car door to pull up - a better and safer experience.

The Car Door Mate fits discreetly in the door pocket or glovebox and can be positioned in the door in seconds. It holds the door open, giving users the confidence to hold it while lifting themselves out from the car seat. The Car Door Mate is small and light but incredibly strong and sturdy. The rubber finish helps grip to avoid slippage.

The Car Door Mate has been made of two different materials - It has a rigid nylon core which makes it withstand the forces put on it, when it's put in the door hinge and it has a soft rubber outer which doesn't cause any damage to the car when it's in use. The Car Door mate has been tested to 350 kgs.' of force 3500 times, to ensure its durability.

Arthr products are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK. Our products are designed in collaboration with healthcare professional and people with arthritis to ensure that they can be used with confidence. What's more is that all our profits are reinvested back into the fight against arthritis, whether that is back into new product development or back to Versus Arthritis to support their mission.


Brand Arthr
Dimensions 85mm x 175mm x 60mm (85mm x 265mm x 60mm extended)
Materials Thermoplastic Elastomer and Nylon
Whats included? 1x Car Door Mate
Origin Manufactured in the UK

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Fully tested

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