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Arthr Royal Pillow


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The Arthr Royal Pillow has been designed to support your neck and shoulders whilst also maintaining correct spinal alignment during sleep. The contoured design helps to reduce pain, numbness and headaches both during sleep and upon waking. When sleeping it is important to maintain a straight spine and the Arthr Royal Pillow supports your shoulders and neck, maintaining a healthy sleep posture. Unlike traditional pillows the foam core allows the pillow to maintain its structure - no more rearranging or fluffing-up during sleep! It is made in the UK and comes with a two-year guarantee. More info


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Product detail

The Arthr Royal Pillow has been ergonomically designed to support your neck, shoulders and spine for a refreshing sleep to avoid aches and pains when you awake. Its design supports your posture during sleep, maintaining correct spinal alignment.

There are many well-thought-out features to this pillow that will help for a better night's sleep: The viscoelastic Memory Foam spreads pressure evenly, supporting the head, neck and shoulders, molding to the individual’s shape. And unlike traditional pillows the supportive foam core gives it structure, supporting your neck and head. The contoured shape and curved leading edge reduces pressure on the neck and shoulder, plus improves ventilation, keeping you cool while you sleep. The Royal Pillow is sensitive to body temperature with a gel-like feel.

Our Royal Pillow is designed for both side and back sleepers and comes with an ear recess for reduced pressure on the ear when side sleeping. The forward tilting edge provides optimal shoulder support and it has a contoured neck support suitable for either back and side sleeping.

The Arthr Royal Pillow comes with a zipped, removable cover and is designed and manufactured in the UK. The pillow is designed to last well beyond its two-year guarantee.

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Brand Arthr
Dimensions 52cm x 31cm x 13cm (at maximum points)
Materials Pillow: Supportive foam; Cover: zipped cotton jersey
Whats included? x1 Arthr Royal Pillow with cover
Origin Manufactured in the UK

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