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Plugull Plug Pull - Glow in the Dark


£9.04 with VAT relief

Plugull Plug pull is the clever plug attachment that allows you to easily and safely remove electrical 3-pin plugs without risking getting your fingers near the pins or struggling with stiff plugs that jam in the sockets and are hard to pull out. Plugull is particularly useful for people who suffer with dexterity issues and find gripping plugs, especially at awkward angles, difficult. More info

Colour : Glow in the dark

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Product detail

Made from a stiff but easy-to-grip recyclable plastic, Plugull is thin enough to sit between the plug and the socket without interfering with the electrical connection. It has a prominent finger loop that sticks up above the plug, allowing you to slide your finger through it and safely pull the plug towards you, in a "plug pull" function, like pulling the ring-pull on a drinks can. Plus, because it comes in a range of bright, glossy colours like the classic which helps you can colour-code your plugs, so you know which plug belongs to which appliance without having to trace your way back through a tangle of cables. Each plugull plug pull comes in a pack of three.

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Brand Plugull
Dimensions 7.8x5.2x0.05cm
Material Recyclable ABS
Materials Recyclable Polyurethane - TPU
What's Included? x1 pack of plugull plug pull
Whats included? x1 pack of plugull plug pull
Origin Manufactured in the UK
Colour Glow in the dark

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