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Recoil Knee Pads



Recoil Knee Pads take the pain out of kneeling through their patented 6 spring system, which absorbs the impact and spreads the pressure evenly across the knee. The Recoil Knee Pads are a perfect fit for numerable jobs like gardening, painting, carpentry, etc. More info

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Product detail

The 6-spring suspension system is what makes the Recoil knee pad design unique. The Recoil Technology absorbs initial kneeling impact when your knee hits the ground. With 6 points of contact between your knee and the ground the Recoil spring system will then ensure the pressure on your knee is more evenly spread across the whole knee joint rather than being focused on one central point as you would experience if wearing no knee pads. The Recoil Knee Pads are scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the knee by 76%.

The Recoil Knee Pads come in a universal size and have adjustable elasticated Velcro straps which can be adjusted and fit in any leg size.

Recoil Knee Pads are washable as well - Use a hot and soapy sponge to clean the front pad, and wash the foam pads in a sink. Do not tumble dry or machine wash.

Important information:
Please check with your physiotherapist or healthcare professional to assess if these will help you.


Brand Recoil
Dimensions 15cm x 24cm x 11cm
Materials Rubber grip, plastic casing, velcrow and steel
Whats included? x2 knee pads
Origin Manufactured in the UK

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